Discover a deeper aspect of your spirituality.  Experience a safe space to explore and connect with your higher self and your personal belief system.  A personalized journey tailored to your unique needs. Through empathetic guidance and proven methodologies, I will help you find inner peace and tap into your inner wisdom. 

What is Spiritual Coaching?

Spiritual coaching is a practice that focuses on helping individuals explore and deepen their spiritual beliefs, experiences, and connection with a higher power or a sense of purpose. It is a form of guidance and support that aims to assist individuals in their spiritual journey and personal growth.

A spiritual coach is a guide that helps you improve your life by changing the way you operate on a deeper level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, we delve into your deep-rooted beliefs. I show you how to work with the laws of the Universe to create the things that you actually want to see in your life instead of just accepting whatever comes your way.

Like many spiritual coaches, I have done the work myself.  I have, and continue to examine my own deep-rooted beliefs and patterns in my life.  

Many people might associate spiritual coaches with religious leaders, but these are two very different things. You don’t have to be religious to work with a spiritual coach, in fact, many of my clients come to me because they want to deconstruct their religious beliefs.  In the simplest terms, spiritual coaching is soul work.  


  • Crave a deeper connection with your higher self.
  • Seek to move past old religious programming.
  • Are curious about your connection to the spirt world and seek a safe space to do so.
  • Are experiencing a spiritual awakening or spiritual growth, and struggle to integrate the teachings with “normal life.”
  • Want to learn how to safely navigate the spirit world.
  • Are a spiritually-oriented thinker looking for practical tools to help you move forward on your journey.
  • Find yourself questioning what you thought you knew about life.
  • Are a highly sensitive person and struggle with "feeling too much".
  • Experience greater peace, joy and fulfillment in your life.
  • Form deeper connections with yourself and others.
  • Connect to your truest heart's desires.
  • Unearth your inner essence.
  • Learn and implement spiritual practices, like meditation and mindfulness.
  •  Identify your core values, and learn how to live in alignment with them.
  • Overcome past religious programming.
  • Explore a spiritual way of living that works for you.
  • Work through negative thoughts that are holding you back.
  • Experience a safe space to release suppressed emotions.
  • Gain tools and resources to further your spiritual practice.
  • Receive intuitive guidance.
  • Learn how to connect with your spirit guides and archangels.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Spiritual Coaching Help Me?

Spiritual coaching assists in self-discovery, providing guidance to align your life with your core beliefs and values, leading to a more fulfilling existence.

What Makes Your Coaching Unique?

My coaching is deeply personalized, integrating various approaches to suit individual needs, focusing on holistic development and inner balance.

 Is Spiritual Coaching Religious?

No, you do not need to be religious or even believe in God to experience benefits of Spiritual Coaching.  While it may draw from different spiritual principles, it's not tied to any specific religion. It's about personal growth, self-awareness, and connecting with your own higher self.

Is This Counseling?

No, while I do hold a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, I am not a licensed counselor. None of the work we do together is a replacement for mental health counseling by a licensed professional.

How Long Does It Take To See Tangible Results?

Every individual's journey is unique, but many clients experience positive shifts within a few sessions.

How Frequently Do We Need To Have Sessions?

Session frequency depends on your comfort and needs. I do not believe it is beneficial for you to spend money you don't need to spend or are unable to spend. We'll tailor a schedule that best supports your journey.