Have you ever been walking through a mall or a strip of shops and felt like you were being physically pulled into a shop that offered crystals and gemstones? Have you admired crystals from afar, wishing you had a few but didn’t know which to choose? Maybe you have heard your friends or someone on social media talking about the miraculous powers of crystals and thought they may be a little bonkers, yet a part of you was intrigued. Maybe the sheer amount of information about crystals overwhelms you, and you don’t know where to even begin. This article breaks down the basics for the crystal beginners out there. I have high hopes it will be enough to help you to listen to that inner guidance to learn more about crystals and crystal healing.

Crystals aren’t just for the woo-woo types.

Many people think the benefits of crystals are simply New Age, spiritual mumbo jumbo, or fantasy. As a Crystal Healing Practitioner, I can’t tell you how often I feel a little giggle under someone’s breath when I tell them that I work with crystals. And that is okay. The truth for me is that I am one of those woo-woo types. But I am also an intellectual and logical person, so even though I know what I feel and trust it, I like to know the why behind everything, if possible.

No one can really say when the use of crystals began or which civilization started it. We do know the use of crystals for metaphysical purposes goes back thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians were known to place stones on the forehead of the deceased. Ancient Hebrews used crystals in their breastplates. Many tribes have used crystals as amulets for protection. The Native American people refer to Turquoise as the “stone of life,” believing it offers good fortune and protection.

The Science Behind Crystals

Yes, the vibrational effects of different crystals are scientifically proven. Consider that quartz is the basis of the digital world in which we live. From watches and clocks to camera lenses, LCD screens to lighters and microchips. None would be possible without crystals.

I’ll share more scientific information in a future article for those who like to geek out like me. But for those who don’t, here is what you’ll be interested to know. Pierre Curie, Marie Curie’s husband, was a Nobel-prize-winning physicist. In 1880, Pierre and his younger brother, through the study of quartz crystals, discovered piezoelectricity.

What the heck is Piezoelectricity?

I’m glad you asked! Essentially, it is a direct relationship between the electrical and mechanical states of a material. The short version is that it is piezoelectric matter converts mechanical energy into electricity and vice versa. For example, “the electric cigarette lighter, where pressing a button causes a spring-loaded hammer to hit a piezoelectric crystal, thereby producing a sufficiently high voltage that electric current flows across a small spark gap, heating and igniting the gas.”  From my perspective, the most interesting thing to note is that only a few substances on Earth are considered piezoelectric; some ceramics, bones, DNA, and crystals.


The Metaphysics of Crystals

Metaphysically, crystals have countless uses and correlations. Maybe the most important thing to understand or remember is that everything is made up of energy. We, as humans, are energy. Our furniture, our house, our cars, they are energy. Our thoughts and our words are energy too. That means all those things carry a vibration, just as crystals do. Because of that, the vibrations emitted by crystals can affect the vibration in other things, including us.

How crystals can heal.

Before I tell you a few ways that crystals can help you heal, I want to ensure you understand, like any energy practice, crystal healing is a complementary practice. That means that crystals do not replace medications. They will not likely cure you of cancer, mental disease, or any other illness. You should always speak to your medical practitioner before implementing any treatments, and you should never stop taking your prescribed medications without speaking with your doctor.

That said, crystal healing can offer so many benefits, including:
  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Release of energetic blocks
  • Improved Balance
  • Mild to moderate pain relief
  • Improved digestion
  • Fertility support
  • Relaxation and sleep
  • Deeper meditation
  • Protect and clear your home
  • Enhanced intuition and spiritual connection
  • So much more!

Crystals around the home.

Crystals aren’t just for looks or for healing! Many crystals also have practical uses in your home.
  • Protect your home from unwanted energy
    • Hang crystals around entrances
    • Place a crystal grid around the home
    • Place crystals in plants or on shelves
    • Use Himalayan Salt Lamps to clean the air
  • Enhance communication
    • Place crystals on the dining table to encourage family conversation over dinner.
    • Keep crystals by your phone and computer
  • Bring creativity and inspiration
    • Place crystals in the places you create; at your desk, your art studio, workshop, and kitchen.
  • Absorb electromagnetic pollution – with all of the technology these days, there is much of it.
    • Place quartz or black tourmaline near electronics to help protect against this pollution.

I want to get started; how do I know what to buy?

As a beginner in the crystal world, it can seem overwhelming with so much to learn. The truth is, just holding a crystal can change your energy field and your vibration. So, while there is a lot you can learn about when it comes to crystals and the healing properties of each specific type, understand you don’t have to know it all to start. The first step is trusting yourself. Walk into a shop that sells crystals, find one that sells ethically sourced crystals, take a deep breath, and peruse. You don’t need to go in with a plan to buy specific stones. In fact, I find it best to trust the crystal you need will draw you in. Pick some up, close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the stone’s energy. If it calls to you, buy it. If it doesn’t, keep moving.
Before you use or wear your crystal, you’ll want to clear and program it. While some crystals, such as Quartz, Amethyst, and Selenite, are self-clearing and don’t absorb energy, most do. You don’t want to start your crystal practice working with the energy of anyone else who has picked up or walked by the crystal. Learn how to cleanse your crystal here.

Once your crystal is cleared and programmed, it is ready to go.


Now what?

There are many ways to use crystals. You can wear them as jewelry, carry them in your pocket, put them under your pillow, or simply display them on a shelf. Take note of any changes you notice in your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It could help to keep a journal of what you notice.

Just a few ways you can use crystals are:
  • Create a crystal grid to enhance an intention
  • Lay crystals on pain points of your body for direct healing. Keep in mind some raw crystals do have properties that could be irritating to your skin, so it is best to put them over your clothes or cloth.
  • Clear your chakras by placing a correlating crystal on your chakra center.
  • Create a crystal alter
  • Hold a crystal or two while you meditate

Most importantly, trust your intuition. Your soul knows what it needs; listen to it. The beauty of working with crystals is that you cannot do it wrong. Just remember to pay attention and notice any subtle feelings or changes and make note of them. You can download my free Crystals for Beginners Journal to get you started on your journey.


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