Life Unfolding:  

Life Direction with the End in Mind

Reach beyond the realm of living in the day-to-day rat race.

Experience life with reverence for the sacredness that surrounds you.  

Join me for an enlightening, life-improving adventure of self-discovery, as we delve into living your optimal life by considering your own mortality.

How are you showing up in your life?

What would you change about your life if you just found out you had only 3 months to live?

How would you choose to spend your time?

What situations need to be resolved?

Engaging with the concept of death invites us to live more consciously, regardless of current health. My desire is that all people will arrive to a time of dying without the weight of regret, rather a heart filled with love, peace and gratitude. Even when given a terminal diagnosis, the duration of our life remains uncertain. Considering life with the end in mind can deeply affect the way we live our lives.

This program offers a way to assess your life, as you are presently experiencing it. It is not solely for those confronting imminent death, ailments or a recent diagnosis, but for anyone desiring to live their best life starting now.

Explore physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and practical/pragmatic aspects of living
Prioritize and take action
Live authentically and consciously
Feel empowered and
prepared within your life 
Neutral acceptance of death and a more conscious, intentional life.

Program Options

1:1 Coaching program

  • 6 Sessions either in-person or via zoom
  • Intimate and safe 1 on 1 setting


group online

  • 6 virtual group sessions
  • 8 participants max
  • Share in the experience


in-person workshop

  • 2 Full Days in Phoenix, AZ
  • 10 participants max
  • Light lunches provided